Yoga: the best ally to find inner peace?

Yoga: the best ally to find inner peace?

Yoga can be used to transform one's heart, mind, and body. Yoga is a type of meditation which can enhance a more toned body. Another advantage of doing yoga is that it can increase mind flexibility. Many adults do yoga to relax their muscles from exhaustion; others practice in order to achieve well-being or find mind tranquility.

In this article, we will discover yoga as the best ally to find inner peace.

Yoga helps induce awareness

A good thing about doing Yoga is that it can energize the body. By practicing, participants can strengthen their muscles and focus their attention on what they are doing. Aside from that, yoga targets the "awareness" muscles, which are involved in mindfulness meditation.

The ambassador of peace Prem Rawat teaches a kind of meditation called "Knowledge" which involves some activities to attain inner peace. The crossed legs position in meditation, for example, helps practitioners relax their mind and focus on their meditation. In addition, it can help the body.

Yoga stimulates relaxation

For example, by doing the yoga "Mountain Pose", it is possible to feel good and gain inner tranquility in only 10 minutes. To proceed, stand firmly on the ground and put your feet apart. Focus on the weight of your body as it is supported by your feet.

Breathe in and breathe out, and exercise calmly while maintaining your back in a straight position, without bending. Repeat the same exercise every day to feel good after a frenzied day. You feel inner peace by practicing regularly.

Yoga positions to promote inner peace

Some yoga positions apart from the afore-mentioned "mountain pose" are helpful to stimulate the mind tranquility and peaceful heart: 

  • The "Corpse pose", which ensures complete relaxation and tranquility. Lie on the floor while maintaining your arms and legs as straight as possible; then, breathe in and breathe out. It can relieve stress headaches and negative feelings. 
  • "Uttanasana", which is another relaxation pose, involving standing. To proceed, stand up straight while keeping the feet parallel to the hips. Bend forward while keeping your back straight and your hamstrings stretched too. Then, touch the floor with your palms. 
  • The "Lotus pose", which consists of sitting on the ground with crossed legs. It enables practitioner to open their thoughts to meditation and induces tranquility. The Lotus positions include the full lotus pose, or the half lotus pose, or other.

Yoga enhances compassion

Some yoga poses are helpful to inspire kindheartedness and open hearts. Compassion is what makes prayers answered and it is linked with mindfulness. Concern for the others involves opening the heart to become aware of their plights and feel compassion for them. Empathy nurtures deep introspection and honesty.

According to the peace mediator Prem Rawat, love and honesty are essential components to attain inner peace. Yoga helps individuals to open up to give love as well as receive love even when it is difficult. It helps us open the heart to forgive the iniquities committed by those who have harmed our feelings. In brief, yoga can help practitioners attain the goals in meditation and in their journey towards inner peace.