The benefits of meditation for children

The benefits of meditation for children

Philosophers say that a child's mind is like a clean slate, and if parents train their children into good manners since their early childhood, it is sure that they will develop into well-behaved citizens. In other words, children can retain what they have been taught in their infantile years. Scholars and spiritual individuals have discovered the power of meditation to achieve mind tranquility and success.

Most of the case, when we talk about meditation, it is common to think that adults, rather than children, are involved in the process. Yet, it is good to know that even children should start to activate their self-introspection. What are the benefits of meditation for children?

Child meditation to regain confidence and overcome fear

It is common that some children are less courageous and they have a lot of things to be afraid of. For example, some children are afraid of staying alone in a dark room; others have phobia for such insects like cockroaches and spiders. It makes parents frustrated to hear the children scream at the sight of a gecko on the wall.

Still, it is so sad to know that because of their fear of their bullying classmates at school, children disobey the rules set by their headmasters or parents and they feel down. To overcome the fear in their children, it is usual for parents to talk and persuade them that they should not be afraid of such a thing or such a person.

This strategy, however, is not successful. Instead, in order to make children regain their courage and self-confidence, it is crucial that children start meditation. Introspection is the most successful way for children to recover from their anxiety and phobia. Therefore, it is essential that parents guide their children to engage in this process to recover from their panic.

Meditation for better school performance

Another big issue for parents is when children's school performance decreases. Most parents are busy with their daily responsibilities and occupation; as a result, they lack time to help their children with their studies. Children usually have a difficulty to understand calculus and mathematics. Some children find it challenging to process or memorize their lessons.

On the other hand, some children have very short attention spans and cannot stay focused long. All of those can have bad impacts on their school results. To help them keep longer attention spans and achieve good results, it is crucial that children regularly meditate especially before they start revising their lessons.

In addition, it is a good idea to take some time, maybe 15 minutes every morning, to meditate with the children before they do their homework or study at home. This will empower them to better their school achievement.

Meditation to improve relationships

Some children are more belligerent and cannot maintain a good relationship with their friends at school. As a result, they may turn into bullies and take pleasure in the sufferings of their peers. Some of the parents may think that religion can help them change the characters and manners of their children.

Yet, it is not usually successful unless each individual is ready to change into a better person. This is the reason why it is essential to inspire children into meditation.

The peace ambassador Prem Rawat teaches about a meditation called "Knowledge" to activate mindfulness. The founder of The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) started meditate at the age of 4 when seeing the plight of the deprived people in his village. Nowadays, he has become a peace mediator and brings support for the needy through his foundation.